Watzzy – Bere

Music: Watzzy: I like to take my art seriously.
But the idea is to just let it roam free, even if sometimes that means facing fears or accepting situations which bother the ear and the eye.
The idea behind my music is to be honest in and through it. To mirror myself through it as a lesson to be learned.
My music varies from genre to feeling. It depends on what dose of life experience kicks in.
Enjoy it while it lasts I say!

Graphic Artist description:
David Bahna:
Talented rapper and director, he manages to create amazing music vdeos by improvising on the set and converting ideas into spectacular scenes. Sometimes it’s good to just let things flow the way they have to. He manages to work with what he has and bring out the most of it.

Zold Attila:
A talented graphic artist and game designer, his passion for what he does is immense and the unique and intriguing way he does it is just mind-blowing. Visit his site to see the games and projects he is working on.

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