Watzzy – Purple Flashlight


Word from WATZZY:

This song is a love song. Seriously, it is!

I like to take my art seriously.
But the idea is to just let it roam free, even if sometimes that means facing fears or accepting situations which bother the ear and the eye.
The idea behind my music is to be honest in and through it. Sometimes, my music is an audible snapshot of all the experiences that mass together within my soul. It is a snapshot of everyday experiences taken too seriously.
My music varies from genre to feeling. It depends on what dose of life experience kicks in.
Enjoy it while it lasts I say!
Graphic Artist: Gáll Izabella is a talented artist. The artwork for this song was a gift from her. It suits this song perfectly.

Artwork edit: Zöld Attila

Video by: Milán Petki

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