DRG vs Yohida Brothers – Zoom Kodo [One Mad Shove edit]

KODO – The story of ZOOM

My friend, Dragan used to be a geek. In many ways he still is, but he used to be one too. So back in 1997, between lines of code, he made this next level drum and bass type of beat, using this DOS platform music sequencer program called Impulse Tracker. Some 20 years later, he sends it my way and lets me hear the only musical track he ever made. I figured, this was to be no more than computer programmed beats and notes systematically arranged on a timeline. I mean, my dude is cool and all and he is definitely no musician, but the track was FIRE. After hearing it, I just had to jump on it.

All I wanted to hear over those drums was the clean sound of plucked strings, just like the ones you can hear emulated on Mindfields by The Prodigy. This is how I came across the unmistakable sound of the shamisen played by the Yoshida Brothers. I chopped their most famous track and just put the parts together in a loose structure. I did this sometimes for live shows when I could just punch in the samples, improvising over the running track. It was always done on the spot so I never recorded the piece and never made an export of it. So, eventually I lost the whole project and forgot about it for a while.

This year, I remembered the piece I used to jam to so I asked Dragan if he still has the only musical track he ever made. Of course he did. He is a cool geek for that mater – one carefully  systematically organised geek. He can pull out his first sneeze rendered in code, from a remote disk drive somewhere, if he needs to. Anyway, he sends it over one more time and starting again from scratch I was pleased to hear the pieces fall back into place. This edit came together so fast and easy that not more than 12 hours later I was able to share the outcome, just as we are sharing it with you.

So, here we are, bringing this hidden gem back to life one more time for the whole world to hear. Mad respect to the Yoshida Brothers for their unmistakable sound used without permission. And of course many thanks to Dragan for carefully guarding his every precious creation.

By the way, kodo is the Japanese word for code.

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