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Pai cum sa ratezi un concert Alexu and The Voices Inside care e atat de smecher?Ia uite putin acolo, in poza: Anca baga…

Publicată de Fine Sounds pe Joi, 1 august 2019



Publicată de Fine Sounds pe Miercuri, 24 aprilie 2019


Oh, nothing special. Except everyone being there and supporting this growing project! Thank you all for being there or for being involved in this effort, whether you're in this traditional group photo or not!

Publicată de Fine Sounds pe Vineri, 19 aprilie 2019


New #Soundcards arrive April 17th at Tipografia. Get them while they're hot!This edition is a [#Soundcards Listening…

Publicată de Fine Sounds pe Miercuri, 10 aprilie 2019


Paid a visit to our friends at Tipografia. Found our fragile stand in bad shape… But we fixed it: the donation box is…

Publicată de Fine Sounds pe Marţi, 9 aprilie 2019


Fine Sounds is an independent community of local music artists, from Brasov, Romania, established in 2014.

Fine Sounds’ latest project is SOUNDCARDS by Fine Sounds. So check out the project and the featured artists!

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